Inger Hansen recently gave up his killer Brooklyn apartment and leap-frogged to Germany. A houseboat in Berlin—yes, that’s right a boat—is where he bides time when he’s not on stage touring for the European release of his newest venture ‘Infinity’.

But before you think he’s an idler, don’t be fooled. If you watch him, onboard or otherwise, you get the feeling there is very little time spent at rest. As with everything, he spins it in a positive light.

“I’m trying to embrace some of the chaos.”

It’s this channeling of energy that makes Hansen who he is. You hear it in the root elements of Hansen’s songs, this combination of movement and thought. It started with his 2008 debut, ‘For the Love of Sound.’ During recording he made a discovery: the free-form demos he recorded himself close to dawn were more authentically him than his more produced stuff.

In all of his musical endeavors, there lies, somewhere within, the seeds of mighty—and moving—collaboration. He has teamed up with DJ Roger Shah and gone viral with “Don’t Wake Me Up” clocking in 16 million views to date.

‘Infinity’ began as a casual affair. Producer Anthony Molina (Mercury Rev) and Hansen holed up in an attic studio in the mountains of Kingston, NY to conjure Hansen’s most vibe-y songs yet. “I started with beats and synths as opposed to an acoustic guitar, and the sound got really interesting right off.”

The album reconciles his craving for authentic and lyrical, unadulterated rock songs with his newfound itch for electronic music.

“You can combine the motion and the story,” said Hansen definitively. “And that is the line that I’m teetering on.” DJ friends—Germany’s Roger ShahPedro Del Mar, Scandinavia’s Sunstrøm, Russia’s Nuera and San Francisco’s Gydyr among them—jumped in to add their voice to the mix’ in the form of 6 remixes for the B side, ‘Infinity by Night.’

In Mexico City women approach him by name. So why Berlin? “It’s energy gives me a sense of purpose, and I like anyplace that keeps me on my toes,” he says. “Berlin is like Williamsburg, but 15 years back in time. So I guess you could say it moves me.”